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The Mercury Shop and C&E Museum are open 1000 to 1530 Monday to Friday.
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Canadian flag

Flag - Canadian

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Durability indicates how long the flag remains fit to be shown/flown before the material fails and the flag needs to be replaced.

Fly-ability refers to how frequent the flag is used under all weather conditions (Sun, Rain, Snow/Ice) and the wind velocity required to make the flag “flutter”.

3' X 6' Regular Rope & Toggle:

Material: 200D Nylite (Best in durability and flyability - Best value for your money spent)

Colour: Vivid permanent dye. UV Protected material, will not fade.

 3' X 6' Sewn Nylon with Rope & Toggle:

These Canadian flags are made with a great deal of care and attention as they are sewn together instead of printed. 

The coloured nylon is stitched together and the excess is trimmed away by hand. While some prefer to fly these gems daily because of their superior colour fade resistance, others prefer them for presentation or ceremonial flags.

Care Instructions:

The following suggestions will assist you in obtaining full value from your flag.

• Where possible, a flag should be taken down every night.

• If soiled, a flag may be safely hand washed in cold water, using a gentle soap or detergent that does not contain bleach and then hang to air dry .

• Although meant for outdoor use, when a flag is wet, it is heavier and adds more weight that stresses the fibers of the material. If you can take the flag inside during periods of constant heavy rain, it will last longer.

• If slightly frayed or torn, a flag should be repaired immediately, it could help save the cost of purchasing a new flag.

• Never store a wet or damp flag, hang it until dry. Nylon dries quickly.