The Mercury Shop and C&E Museum are open 1000 to 1530 Monday to Friday.
The Mercury Shop and C&E Museum are open 1000 to 1530 Monday to Friday.
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Order of Military Merit Product Collection

The Order of Military Merit product collection is available for purchase through our store. This collection was released in March of 2012.

We have very limited quantities in stock as this collection is not a popular seller at our location. If an item you would like to purchase is marked as "Out of Stock" please send us an email at so we can order the product specially for you. This shouldn't take longer than 2-3 weeks!

About the Order of Military Merit:

It was on 1 July 1972 that Her Majesty The Queen established the Order of Military Merit to provide a worthy means of recognizing conspicuous merit and exceptional service by members of the Canadian Forces. Since then, over 4,000 distinguished members of Her Majesty’s Canadian Forces have been recognized by Crown and Country for their outstanding service to Canada through admission or promotion in this prestigious Order, which is Canada’s second national order, after the Order of Canada.

In order to suitably commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Order, to enhance its visibility and to increase the feeling of fellowship among its members, the Department of National Defence’s Directorate of Honours and Recognition has initiated a line of promotional items related to the Order.

Guthrie Woods Products Ltd., is the official supplier under a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of National Defence, this is where we purchase these products from.

When purchased, 5% of the wholesale price (the cost we pay our supplier) will be donated to the Military Families Fund.