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The Mercury Shop and C&E Museum are open 1000 to 1530 Monday to Friday.
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Metal Pips - Vimy

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VIMY DEU pips. Sold in sets of 2.


Motto in Annulus. Vigilamus Pro Te (On Guard for Thee) is our CA motto and the theme of our national anthem. The word Vimy would cement our leaders and institution to both (a) our own nation's, and (b) our own Army's coming of age in 1917.

Stylizes Maple Leaf in Central Device. The majority of WW I soldiers who fought-up Vimy Ridge wore this distinctive maple leaf as their cap badge or collar dogs. The maple leaf was retained on the WWII flags of all our fighting Divisions. This same maple leaf now flies on our CA Divisions HQs from coast-to-coast.

Cross of the Order of Military Merit. Formally re-naming for the Cross Pattee of our own Order of Military Merit would re-focus some of the cross design to our own military meritorious service and serve as an inspiration for our leaders.

The symbology of the green wreath of 'victor' is consistent with our Army's victory at Vimy and our CA's future victories/

Keep Star. Maintaining the star's overall design reflects our strong historical association with the Commonwealth and our military heritage during two World Wars/Korea and our relationship in ABCA. It saves considerable cost as there is no change to CADPAT, DEU slip-ons, or members' mess dress.