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Front face of the gold Nijmegen medal, also shown is the green and gold ribbon and gold bar at top.
Nijmegen medal with crown

Nijmegen Cross for the Four Day Marches Miniature

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The Group Medal of the Four Day Marches (Dutch: Groepsmedaille van der Vierdaagse) is a non wearable bronze presentation medal awarded to each registered group who successfully completes all four days of the International Four Days Marches Nijmegen (Vierdaagse in Dutch) held annually at Nijmegen, Netherlands.

The full title of the decoration is the Cross for Marching Proficiency (Kruis Voor Betoonde Marsvaardigheid). It is more commonly referred to as the Vierdaagse Cross or Vierdaagsekruis.

Eligibility and Criteria
Registered groups must consist of at least 11 members (a leader and 10 other walkers). They are required to start together each morning and be together at checkpoints and the finish. Originally, all had to complete the marches for the group to receive the award. Since 1973 a group can qualify if no more than 10% of walkers retire during the march. This 10% is rounded up. For example, if a team has 13 participants at the start, 10% equates to 1.3, and up to two group members can withdraw and the group medal still be awarded. Both civilian groups and military detachments qualify, one medal per group. The Group Medal is awarded in addition to the Cross for the Four Day Marches that is awarded to each successful individual group member.

There are no bars for this medal.

Note: This is the version without the crown.